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Information and Infrastructure Integrity Initiative

Information and Infrastructure Integrity Initiative

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a leader in the science and technology involving the resilience of large-scale digital computer and control infrastructures, the communications within those infrastructures, and the soundness of information contained/ transported by the infrastructures. Through a multi-year investment in Information and Infrastructure Integrity, scientists and researchers have explored significant National Security, Energy, and Open Science challenges that need to be overcome, including the development and implementation of technologies that will enhance the preservation of supporting infrastructures, as well as technologies that assist in understanding and/or managing technologies that may cause infrastructures to fail.

Three key approaches emerged from this research agenda, and continue to influence PNNL's advancement of cybersecurity S&T today.

BioInspired Cybersecurity employs ecological and biological systems modeling methodologies for increased resilience to external and internal threats.

CyberWarrior improves the readiness of national cyber warrior forces through cognitive/decision support technologies.

CyberHuman Infrastructure Modeling develops and applies cyber/human/social-technical systems models to anticipate, detect, and counter threats.

Using prediction and associated technologies such as models, simulations, and behavior analyses/predictions to better understand the potential effects of existing and emerging threats and vulnerabilities; and employing adaptation to improve the timeliness of responses, as well as to allow independent, albeit bounded, responses to changing requirements, threats, and as a preventative measure, PNNL draws on cyber analytics to achieve advanced understanding of anomalies, situational awareness, and areas of potential cyber conflict.

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