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Information and Infrastructure Integrity Initiative

Tactical Deployment and Management of Adaptive Agents

Principal Investigator: G Fink
Technical Advisor: G Fink, Adaptive Systems Focus Area

Project Description

Tactical Deployment and Management of Adaptive Agents (TDMAA) seeks to develop a framework for an automated cooperating infrastructure defense designed to enable diverse organizations and agencies to mutually defend their computational assets from cyber attack. The framework takes advantage of swarm-based and logic-based rational software agents to adapt cyber defenses to threats in real time while enabling humans to supervise the system and retain ultimate responsibility for its actions. This project is aimed at forming a cooperative cyber defense for large, interdependent infrastructures via a society of humans and autonomous adaptive systems. The infrastructures we seek to defend are large coalitions of companies, governments, and other entities with common goals that require protection but where many security policies are not shared. Examples of this type of infrastructure may be seen by examining our national critical infrastructures such as the electrical grid. Cooperative defense within an infrastructure is critical to the success of all its members. Current work on this project will design a mathematically sound simulation of a prototype complex-adaptive system for cyber defense. We will incorporate experience and ideas from existing ecological and economic models into a new cyber-ecological model that more accurately reflects the unique characteristics of cyber defense. We will use heuristic models to discover the parameters that influence the behavior of these systems and then conduct sensitivity testing to determine which parameters are the most influential to the overall, long-term system behavior.

Project Management