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Information and Infrastructure Integrity Initiative

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Accomplishments and Publications

Through the IIII investment, PNNL gained visibility and respect in the cybersecurity community through publications, invited lectures, committees, and media, including:

  • Publications >250
  • Advisory Boards and Committees >11
  • DOE Grass Roots Community Activities >13
  • International Editorial Boards > 6
  • Workshop Meetings > 9
  • Program Committees/Organizers International Events >12
  • Over 4M impressions public media impressions
  • Numerous awards, honors, and staff "firsts"
  • Invention Disclosures, 17
  • Patents Pending, 1
  • New hires ~10 (4 PhD including strategic hire)
  • Visiting faculty ~3 and student interns ~21

Project Management


In the News

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